Last night I attended the first session of a class entitled “How to Create a Website.”  It is being offered  on three consecutive Thursday evenings by a man named John LeMasney, self-described as “designer, artist, writer, poet, technologist and consultant,” at Princeton Adult School, an entity without a geographic footprint,  in Room 132 of Princeton High School, an entity with a huge geographic footprint.

(Yes, I live in Princeton, New Jersey.)

I had several debates with myself before registering and paying the $69 tuition plus enrollment fee.  It’s dark around here by 7:30 in late October,  v-e-r-y dark at 9 when the class gets out, and I don’t really like driving at night any more.  (That tells you something right there about where I am on what might be called “The Path of Life.”)  I also didn’t like the fact that, per the syllabus, “[t]his class will teach you how to create a website using WordPress.”  Instead of sailing right into WordPress, I had hoped to learn from a course on blogging about the difference between, say, WordPress and BlogSpot, both free (before buying the extras), and even TypePad, which costs something up front each month but is enthusiastically endorsed by Gretchen Rubin, successful progenitor of The Happiness Blog.  (More of her and her recommendation later.)

On the other hand, I know the relatively short way between my house and Princeton High School extremely well, and didn’t have a choice about the subject matter, as nothing else about blogging or websiting (is there such a word?) appears to be on offer nearby this semester.

So I paid and showed up in Room 132.

What happened next?  You’ll just have to wait for the next post to find out.  Because there’s actually homework  in this course.  Ten brief posts before next session.  “Brief” is generally not my thing, as you may already have surmised.  However, I shall try.

One down, nine to go.


2 thoughts on “LEARNING TO BLOG: 1-1

    • The water was the Atlantic and the rocks were on Madeira. Glad you liked it. I haven’t decided whether or not to use it, though. As for what it says when it “talks” to us (if it does), I would imagine that would depend on the viewer. I wasn’t very happy when I took that picture (in August 2009). Should I be writing an unhappy “Getting-Old Blog?”

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