Room 132 is full of computers — five per table, four rows of tables.  Well, of course.  (Did I think I was registering for a lecture course?)

I seat myself in front of the first computer in the first row.  This is partly to be sure to hear and see, partly from habit.  Throughout my long and extensive prior schooling in matters far removed from blogging, I was always a first or second row person.  (Never did understand, or wish to be one of, those loungers sprawled against classroom back walls.)

Unfortunately for me the computer for the first row, first seat — like all the others in the room — is a Dell, the operating system is Windows, the keyboard is large, black and noisy, and the mouse is attached to its moorings by a wire on the right side, with a red scroller dividing it in two halves.  Alas,  when I finally retired from my earned income stream at the beginning of 2006, I turned my back on the PC world of the office and rushed to embrace the freedom of Apple’s wireless wi-fi wonderland — with its dainty, nearly soundless white keyboard and its undivided mouse on which your finger can scroll wherever it falls.  I am also a lefty.

I know, I know:  These are not insurmountable problems. In fact, it was a no-brainer to move the mouse from right side to left all by myself, although the connecting wire was a bit short.  But I did have to ask which side of the divided mouse I needed to tap.  Amazing what you forget as you age.

You may perhaps have noticed that this is the second time I’ve mentioned age. My age, that is.  One mention per post, so far.  Think of that as a clue to why I was here, learning to blog.

Answer coming up a couple of posts from now…


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