Learning to Blog: 1-4


Why were we all there?

The husband to my right spoke for himself and his wife.  She was a photographer and “they” wanted to put her work online. I wondered if the wife wanted this too.  She only giggled.

The blonde woman behind me said that she had lived in Latin America for twenty-five years.  (She must have moved there, with her parents, as a child!)  Now she wanted to write about it.  She thought she might start with a blog and then gather the posts together for a book. She was doing the research now.  She also had some ideas for a business, but that would be later.

The pleasant young man next to her already had a blog, but wanted to do something with it, or with another, the explanation of which flew away from me while I tried to understand.  (Yes, I am technologically challenged.  Why else would I be taking a course in something I ought to have been able to figure out for myself?  I’ve been called a lot of things in my life but nobody, after all, has ever called me stupid.)  The young man spoke of plug-ins, meta-tags — a foreign language!  LeMasney nodded yes, yes, all of that was possible.

The second pleasant young man was entirely noncommital; he thought the course might be “interesting.”

The Apple lady passed.  I think she was still trying to figure out the mouse.

And then there was the burly man.  He hugged himself tighter.  His arms were really huge.  He had an idea for a new business, he said.  After a pause, he added that it was international.  Another pause.  It had to do with China.  A second pause. He had been in China in connection with his work, before retirement.  And what was the new business?  He wanted to bring Chinese students to America.  Then he swallowed his lips. He would say no more.  At least, not at present.

And me, the elderly lady in the first seat, first row?  Actually, I had already explained my presence in his classroom to LeMasney while we were waiting for the others to file in, so he didn’t ask me again.  He summarized it for the class as “wanting to do a book.”

Well, that wasn’t exactly it.  But if you really want to know what brought me there, read on….


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