There have been eighteen practice posts in this blog.

What have I learned from all that practice?

  • that you learn to blog by blogging
  • that you learn to post by posting (regularly if possible)
  • that you learn technology through lots of trial and error (and a little bit of help from your friends)
  • that you find readers by reading (and liking and following)
  • that writing well can’t hurt (if you’re a writer)
  • that shameless self-promotion also helps
  • that it’s time to stop the practice and start the performance

So I may be gone for a few days, while I struggle with “Start A New Blog,” fiddle with widgets, and like that.

In the meanwhile, if you find yourself missing “Learning to Blog,” here’s something more for you to read. It’s not really blog-like, but you might like it anyway — a scrap of memoir that appeared a few years ago in Persimmontree, an online magazine of the arts by women over sixty.  I’m told it sounds like me.

You can find it at www.Persimmontree.org/v2/spring-2010/a-story/

If you do like it, please let me know by leaving a comment below.  It’s always helpful to learn how readers respond to one’s writing.

And never fear.  Once I conquer the technical bits,  I shall — like MacArthur — return.

See you soon.



  1. Incredible story…thank you for sharing with us. When you return with your new blog, I hope you’ll let me know. I will also try to take some nice photos in the meantime. Best regards, Takami

    • I’m glad you enjoyed “A Story.” And I’ll certainly let you, and all my other followers, know where to find my new blog. In the meanwhile, thank you so much for your appreciation. Sayonara! 🙂

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